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"Renewing the human spirit by preserving and providing access to nature"
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Hiking, Biking, & Nature Trail Design

Switchbacks Trail Design brings a love of the outdoors and years of trail work experience to each project.

What distinguishes us is our careful consideration in preserving the natural surroundings—every wildflower, plant, tree, stream, and rock formation is delicately minded.

suspension bridge over private stream Mountains to Sea Connector Trail
Stoney1_small.jpg Stoney2_small.jpg
Steps on Joyce Kilmer Memorial Loop Trail Beech Gap Trail Bridge over Nantahala River
Glenwood Horse Trail, Va Glenwood Horse Trail, Va

Services We Offer

  • Design
  • Construction and Reconstruction
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance Training Programs
  • Consulting
weaving through laurel thicket Bridge over Little Santeelah Creek
Intersection of five different radius circles on a boardwalk Lauren Mtn Trail Bridge

Hand Tools or Machine

   We can construct any width trail you desire, whether done by hand or machine.   However, an 18 to 24 inch trail is all that is needed for hiking purposes. This is also wide  enough for mountain biking as long as you  control the flow of direction. The broader  the trail, the broader the maintenance  problems.

Trail Under Construction Pettit Preserve
Observation Platform Watercress Darter N.W.R.

Dellinger Memorial Bridge
Mules Pulling Poles into Wilderness Area
Pine Log Creek Trailbridge
7-02-078.jpg Roy's Loop Trail
7-02-077.jpg 7-02-071.jpg
Hand construction allows for the protection of fragile areas and rare or endangered plants.

Photograph: Wild Timber Nature Trail - A nature trail under construction by Switchbacks

Bridge in Linville Gorge NC

Hand Dug Foot Path

About Switchbacks Trail Design

Love of the Outdoors

After a lifelong love of the outdoors and years of trail work experience, Charles & Terri Warlick founded Switchbacks Trail Design for the purpose of making the beauty and glory of nature more accessible to everyone.

Dellinger Trail Under Construction

suspension bridge Roy loop trail

Photograph:  - A nature trail by Switchbacks Trail Design

Boardwalk at Tidwell's Lake

Careful Attention to Nature

Careful consideration is always paid to the beauty of the surroundings before any work is ever begun. We intentionally use every natural feature and element in our trail designs and construction whenever possible.

Gravel Trail for Fish & Wildlife Service
Double Hand Rail Pole Bridge Jerry Miller Trail Bridge

What can we build for you?

We also build trail structures such as: bridges, walkways, board-walks, stone-walks, or steps.

Boardwalk at the Watercress Darter
Bridge for nature Conservancy Hickey Fork Trail Bridge


This is the backbone of our company: Preservation and Utilization. This makes our trails unique, using the various elements of every site to the trail's best advantage, while preserving as much of nature as possible.

Poor Mtn. Trail, Va 7-02-063.jpg

Our Commitment

Switchbacks Trails will always be designed with preservation in mind and constructed with a personal approach, Utilizing natural elements as often as possible.  This is our trademark.

Pine Mountain
Pole Stringers 10-30-011.jpg
10-01-007.jpg 10-01-011.jpg
Brown Mtn. Creek, AT Trail Bridge suspension bridge2 on roys loop trail

Areas We Serve

we are based in Ga and Va, but we will consider trail projects almost anywhere. Give us a call today and let us know of your trail design needs! 

Contact Information

Charles or Terri Warlick Switchbacks Trail Design and Construction
Cartersville, GA Phone: 770-547-0725

Floyd, VA Phone: 540-745-2320

Email: SwBackTrlDes@aol.com